2018 Sunnyside High School Bond Measure

    The Sunnyside School District is placing an $18 million bond issue before voters on April 24, 2018. The bond issue addresses three facility improvement projects at Sunnyside High School. The Yakima County Auditor's Office will mail out election ballots to all Sunnyside School District registered voters around April 10.

    Ballots must be returned by April 24. 

    Please take a look at our Path to the Bond page for information on how this bond proposal was reached, information on community input, and background information on why these three projects are of top priority. Thank you for taking the time to study these needs. For more information, call the Sunnyside School District Superintendent's Office at 509-836-8700.  

  • New Classroom Building:

    A two-story learning structure that includes traditional classroom space, multi-purpose laboratory space, group-learning space with flexible seating, bathrooms, and an elevator. Additional parking space will be added to accommodate staff and student parking.

    Performing Arts Addition: 

    Increase space near the Sunnyside High School auditorium to accommodate a performing arts classroom along with storage space.

    Athletic Facilities:  

    Relocate and combine the football and soccer field with the track and field area for one multi-sport facility on property east of the high school campus currently owned by the school district. The facility will include locker rooms, seating for home and visitor spectators, and ticket booth, concession, and storage space.

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Project Costs and State Match Dollars
  • Tax Rate Information


    • The Sunnyside School District's current bond tax rate is $0.00 per $1,000 of assessed value because the current bond tax is paid out the school district's excess general fund balance.
    • If voters did have to pay the bond tax rate, it would be $2.00 per $1,000 in assessed value. This amount includes the construction of Washington Elementary which was completed in 2016 and the Sunnyside High School expansion in 2009.
    • The Sunnyside School District's current tax rate is $1.97 per $1,000 of assessed value for a Maintenance and Operations Levy voters approved in February of 2016.
    • If voters approve this $18 million bond issue, the estimated tax rate will be $0.85 per $1,000 in assessed value.
    • The yearly property tax will increase $212.50 on a $250,000 home or $17.70 a month. 
    • This bond debt, if approved, would be paid in full in 20 years time.


SSD Tax Rate Compared to Other Districts If Bond Passes

  • Timeline for April 24, 2018 Election

    July 2016-July 2017  Board/Superintendent Study and Analysis

    September 2017-January 2018  Community Input

    January 25, 2018    Board Official Decision by Resolution

    February 23, 2018  Board Resolution to Yakima County

    February 2018-April 2018    Informational Activities in the Community

    April 24, 2018  Election Day

    Summer/Fall 2018  Design

    Summer/Fall 2018  Local Bond Proceeds Available

    Fall/Winter 2018  Phase I Construction Begins

    Summer/Fall 2019  Phase I Constriction Complete, SCAP Funds Available for Phase II,

        Phase II Construction Begins

    Summer/Fall 2020  Phase II Construction Complete

    *All dates after election day are estimations.  Multiple factors that are outside of the SSD’s control are involved.