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Strategic Plan

SSD Strategic Plan 2023 Timeline

January 2023: CEE Surveys Launch for Staff, Students, and Families

February 2023: First Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

  • Identify Stakeholders

  • How Communication Happens

  • Areas of Interest

February 2023: CEE Surveys Close

  • 920 Families
  • 2591 Students
  • 379 Staff

March 2023: Second Strategic Planning Meeting

  • Looking at Data
  • Identifying Themes
  • Goals for Grade Levels

A strategic plan is a critical tool that helps Sunnyside School District leaders to set goals, allocate resources, and monitor progress towards the achievement of the district's objectives. Here are a few key ways that a strategic plan supports student achievement in our district:

  • Provides a clear roadmap for improving student outcomes: By setting specific, measurable goals for student achievement, a strategic plan provides a roadmap for the district to follow. This helps ensure that resources are allocated effectively and that everyone in the district is working towards the same objectives.
  • Encourages collaboration and stakeholder engagement: Developing a strategic plan requires input from a variety of stakeholders, including teachers, parents, students, and community members. By involving everyone in the planning process, the district can ensure that it is meeting the needs of its students and community.
  • Aligns resources with priorities: A strategic plan helps to ensure that the district's resources are allocated in a way that supports its goals. This can include allocating resources to programs and initiatives that have been shown to improve student outcomes, as well as investing in professional development and other resources that support student success.
  • Provides a framework for monitoring progress: By setting clear goals and benchmarks, a strategic plan provides a framework for monitoring progress and adjusting course as needed. This helps the district to stay focused on its objectives and ensure that it is making progress towards improving student outcomes.

Overall, a strategic plan is a critical tool for supporting student achievement in the Sunnyside School District. By setting clear goals, engaging stakeholders, aligning resources with priorities, and monitoring progress, the district can ensure that it is doing everything possible to support the success of its students.