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SSD Strategic Plan 2023-2028

SSD Strategic Plan 2023 Timeline

January 2023: CEE Surveys Launch for Staff, Students, and Families

February 2023: First Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

  • Identify Stakeholders

  • How Communication Happens

  • Areas of Interest

February 2023: CEE Surveys Close

  • 920 Families
  • 2591 Students
  • 379 Staff

March 2023: Second Strategic Planning Meeting

  • Looking at Data
  • Identifying Themes
  • Goals for Grade Levels

April 2023: Third Strategic Planning Meeting

  • Goal Setting
  • Statement Finalization
  • Design Draft

May 2023: Fourth Strategic Plan Meeting

  • Finalize Plan

August 2023: Launch!

We are excited to launch our brand new five-year Strategic Plan. This plan is months in the making, with stakeholders from all parts of the Sunnyside School District family involved. 

Built around five key priorities and 20 initiatives, the plan is the roadmap that will take each of our schools and the District as a whole to the next level. 

Download the SSD Strategic Plan in English 

Download the SSD Strategic Plan in Spanish

Initiatives and Priorities