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SHS Alumni Wall of Fame

From astronauts to senators to doctors, Sunnyside High School and the Sunnyside School District proudly recognize alumni who have demonstrated high levels of achievement in their profession, served the community or country in a significant way or exhibited leadership, character, and service in their profession or community. 

Nominations can be completed online using the Online Nomination Form, or using the printed Nomination Form, which is available here or can be picked up at the Sunnyside School District Office, located at 1110 S. 6th Street, Sunnyside, WA 98944. The form can be turned in there or mailed to the same address to ATTN: Communications Department.

If you need assistance accessing this document, please contact the Communications Department at 509-836-8703.

Please take a few moments to look through the full list of SHS Alumni Wall of Fame Inductees.  

Joann Wilson Matthiesen (1958)
Commander Dennis M. Egan (1968)
Arlos E. Waggoner (1955)
William D. Aiken (1941)
Rolando Loera (1972)
Dr. Rodney Welsh Sr. (1923)
Lloyd R. Lichty (1943)
Carolyn Garrison Williams (1971)
Elaine Padgham Cullen (1968)
Gary D. Kobes (1963)
Arthur M. Ledesma (1972)
Thomas H. Murfin (1933)
Lynette Bagley Rodriguez (1960)
John S. Crawford (1946)
Lenny Van Pelt (1977)
Bob Hall (1958)
Loran A. Haworth (1964)
Chris Shearer (1978)
Dana Toomey (1964)
Gary Baze (1974)
Dr. Elizabeth R. Hall (1932)
John E. Drysdale (1943)
Dr. Erasmo Gamboa (1960)
Dr. Jose L. Loera (1974)
Raymond A. Johnson (1950)
David Marquez (1959)
Honorable Dale M. Green (1940)
Rosco Sheller (1907)
Davey Hazzard (1967)
William L. Gant (1959)
Ronald R. Koch (1956)
James M. Chambers (1959)
Colonel Ray L. Rider (1956)
Dr. Delores R. Fadness-Tadlock (1961)
Douglas G. Thomas (1958)
Christopher J. Golob (1976)
Donald S. Hughes (1939)
Fredrick Kilian (1938)
Richard Manjarrez (1963)
Sen. Jim Honeyford (1957)
Irving Newhouse (1936)
Joanne Kilian (1953)
Dr. Richard M. HighSmith Jr. (1938)
Mario Villanueva (1969)
Dr. Bonnie Dunbar-Sega (1967)
Doug Seebeck (1974)
Dr. Wilma Vice-Smith (1954)
Harry Pryde (1948)
Patricia Cosper Brandes (1950)
James Bell (1982)
Dr. Wilbert E. Fordyce (1941)
Patricia Loera (1986)
John C. Kassebaum (1922)
Joe Baze (1951)
Leonard W. Barlow (1952)
Severiano "Chico" Rodriquez (1966)
Dr. Dale E. Miller (1955)
Dan Newhouse (1973)
Jake Kupp(1959)
Linda Roberts (1971)
Dr. Hiroshi Furukawa (1936)
Karst Brandsma (1972)
Joan Wilson Mathiesen (1958)
Jim Cornelison (1982)
Colonel M. Jean Chambers (1957)
Tim Graff (1970)
Marjorie Severyns Ravenholt (1937)
Teri Alavarez-Ziegler (1982)
Terrence C. Burke (1960)
Mischa Plesha (1989)
Donald K. Fronek (1955)
Jerri Honeyford (1958)
Jerry E. Taylor (1923) Donald H. Bond (1947)
Catherine Combelic Mears (1961) Norman A. Anderson (1956)
Kevin Williams (1975) Honorable Ray E. Munson (1945)
Dr. Richard L. Stroup (1961) Scott Linehan (1982)
Donald H. Bond (1947) Samuel Ramos (1988)
Kevin Williams (1975) Fred Boboth (1972)
Fidel Partida (1985) Jean Hart Morris (1959)
Ken Jernberg (1966) Julie Benjert McGowen (1990)
Daniel Clement (1962) Ann Furukawa Dondero (1962)
Roger Hazzard (1985) Martina Martinez Castle Charvet (1961)

Roy Anciso (1975)

Diana Blumer-Kilian (1986)
Jeff Lanctot (1990) Dr. Yasmin Barrios (2000)
Judge David Estudillo (1991) Pedro Marquez (1972)



2022 Wall of Fame Inductees

The 2022 Wall of Fame Inductees included Pedro Marquez, Dr. Yasmin Barrios, Judge David Estudillo, Jeff Lanctot, left to right.