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Family Resources

Careers for PovertyLifting up poor through jobs and community services . There are many misconceptions about people living in poverty particularly when it come to how they become poor and why they stay poor. Fortunately, there are numerous career and volunteer opportunities for those who want to help others break free from the poverty trap. This guide addresses many of these opportunities while also exploring who is most affected by poverty and why it's vital they receive help.

Nuestra Casa  Through education, empowerment and mutual support, Nuestra Casa enables immigrant women to create positive changes in themselves, their families, and their communities.
906 E. Edison Avenue, Sunnyside, 509.839.7602

Aspen Victim Advocacy Services  Responds to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims.
1319 Saul Road, Sunnyside, 509.575.4084; After Hours Hotline 1.888.288.9221.

The Lighthouse Advocacy, Prevention, and Education Center.
600 North Avenue, Sunnyside, 509.837.6689; 24 Hour Crisis Hotline 1.877.604.7462.

O.I.C of Washington  A Community Action Agency - Washington Farmworker Investment Program.
630 Railroad Avenue, Sunnyside, 509.839.0204.

People For People Strengthens communities by providing opportunities that empower people to lead self-sufficient and enriched lives.
1925 Morgan Road, Sunnyside, 509.836.1154.

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services Your Neighborhood Patient-Centered Medical Home.
617 Scoon Road, Sunnyside, 509.837.8200.

United Family CenterIt is our priority to provide our community with the treatment and resources needed to successfully live in our communities as healthier and productive individuals.
106 N Elm Street, Grandview, 509.402.9090

Food Bank

Sunnyside Food Bank
529 South 9th Street, Sunnyside
Friday 9:00am-12:00pm