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Medication and Treatment Forms

Washington State law (SHB 2834) mandates that students with life-threatening health conditions (where the condition could put the child in danger of death during the school day) have medication/treatment/diet orders and an Emergency Care Plan in place at school.  These conditions could include, but are not limited to, students with severe bee sting, latex or food allergies, severe asthma, diabetes, severe seizure disorders, and certain heart conditions.  This law requires that you meet with the school nurse and have all medications, orders, and treatment plans in place prior to the first day of school so that we can help your child in the event of an emergency.

No over the counter or prescribed medication, treatment, or special diet can be given by school staff, or self administered by the student, unless the proper forms are completed.  These orders must be updated annually and are only valid for the current school year.