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Department Staff

Nicholas Olinsky
IS/IT Director

David Peterson
IT Coordinator

Patricia Montano
Administrative Assistant

Ruben Gonzales
IS Database Administrator

David Rodriguez
IT Systems Administrator

Ed Newton
Field Technician

Tony Bravo Godinez
Field Technician

Erick Truex
A/V Physical Security Technician

     The IT department plays a crucial role in supporting and enabling every facet of our school district's operations. From ensuring seamless communication and collaboration through email, messaging, and video conferencing tools, to maintaining the district's network infrastructure and providing technical assistance to staff and students alike, our IT professionals are deeply involved in facilitating teaching, learning, and administrative processes. They manage the procurement, deployment, and maintenance of hardware and software resources, safeguarding the district's data and systems through robust cybersecurity measures. Additionally, the IT department continuously explores and implements cutting-edge educational technologies, empowering teachers with innovative tools to enhance instruction and engaging students with interactive learning experiences. Their expertise and commitment to leveraging technology effectively permeate all aspects of the district, fostering a modern and efficient educational environment.

Are you new to Sunnyside?

If this is your first year teaching in Sunnyside, we've prepared some tips and tricks that will help you get started.

You have two ways to get the help you need:

1 Fill out a helpdesk ticket. The helpdesk can be found at: 


If you fill out a helpdesk ticket, please help us help you by doing the following:

  • Including your IP address (which can be easily found to the left of the clock on your menu bar)
    Screen Shot
  • Adding a description of the problem
  • Leaving your laptop powered on. We can often help quickly via remote session.

2 Call extension from 8411. This is the primary support line for instructional and operational technology, such as issues with your laptop, printing or phone and for our student data service (PowerSchool). One of our technicians will answer your call and either help you or route your call to the correct place. In the event you get voicemail, please leave a message and a helpdesk ticket will be made for you.

A Friendly reminder

current model Here in Sunnyside all teachers are furnished with laptops. The current model for teachers is a 13" MacBook Air. It's important that everyone do their best to keep their laptops in proper working order. To help you all with this, we've prepared a document that details the proper care of your laptop.

The document can be found here:

Current Model

13" MacBook Air