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Special Education

The Sunnyside School District Special Education Department supports the school district's focus on academic achievement and student preparation for life after high school.

This department ensures that students with disabilities have the support needed to be successful in core classes such as English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, and also have access to individual instruction that fits their unique needs.  

Does My Child Qualify for Services?

Students from birth to age 21, who show signs of a disability AND live within the Sunnyside School District may be referred for an evaluation to determine if they qualify for special education services through a process called Child Find. 

The Child Find evaluation includes different activities to identify a student's strengths and challenges. Following the screening, the results with be discussed with the family, and one of three things could happen: a referral for more testing, a time to re-check the skills that were just tested, or suggestions on how to support the student's development outside of special services. 

For more information or to schedule a screening, please contact Soraya Gonzáles at 509-836-8738.

My Child Is

Department Contacts

Director of Special Services
(509) 836-8732
Assistant Director of Special Services
Special Education 
Administrative Assistant
(509) 836-8732
Data Specialist
Interpreter and Data Support
(509) 836-8730
Interpreter and Referrals
(509) 836-8738